Tutorial for Online Teaching Tool-Word press webpage

I’ve created a tutorial that is very short, but shows you the basics of creating a webpage that can be used to enhance teaching and learning with your students.  I currently use “Word press” to host my class webpage.  I like using Word press with my students because it has a “quick press” feature that takes literally seconds to update.  I don’t always have time to type out each thing that we’ve done, but if I quickly want to get a message out to my high schoolers it is available.

When I email the parents of the students in my class, I often times will paste the link to my webpage so that they can see what is going on in the course.  The Word press is handy because it is free and it is user friendly for me as well as my students.

Click here to view the tutorial that I’ve created using “Jing”.

A little about using “Jing”:  it was nice, it was easy to use, free, created a high quality video with audio.  I think that I would use Jing again because I like being able to create tutorials for my students using my computer screen.  It linked to screencast.com which is a product which I have already created a log in for.  I would use Jing as a way to create a resource for lecture or problem solving of chemistry content when my students need to review or when they are absent.

Jing was limited to 5 minutes (so I had to create my tutorial about six times), which may be attractive to my students.  It was easy to work with.  In the future I will need to see what program my students prefer, maybe one is more accessible on their phones.  I will continue to create problem and lecture videos using Jing and screencast.



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