Using Screencast-O-Matic

Using Screencast-O-Matic

During the last couple of days I’ve been doing readings for this weeks Technology lesson which focuses on Integrating Technology into the classroom effectively.  I’ve been reflecting on Weeks 1-4 and not really looking forward to using Screen cast.  (I’d looked at it early in the week and decided it looked to difficult and time consuming.)  I couldn’t really get the Prezi to do what I wanted, it also didn’t seem as smooth as when I first used it.  I contemplated submitting my Prezi without the Screen cast.

 I ended up using the screen cast and I’m happy that I did!  It was really quite easy and although it wasn’t as smooth as I’d like, I know that if I used it a little more it would be a great tool for my students!!!!  I have my PowerPoint presentations already created and the learning objectives are embedded, so I will be using Screen Cast in the near future to create something that my students can assess outside of class time.

Many students are assigned to ARC or Academic Resource Class, the teacher there is not a science person.  This will help my students use their time effectively!  I’m glad that I did this assignment.  I actually was dreading putting it all together, I’m glad I did it.


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