5 Rules for Student Engagement

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I’ve been following lots of science and teaching related tweets.

This week I read an article from @ASCD which discusses 5 Rules for Engagement (its worth the read):

1. Update your Attitude

2.  Build Relationships and Respect

3.  Get Buy In

4.  Embrace Clarity

5.  Show Passion

I’ve read several educational articles that I’ve been directed to from my Twitter account.  A common theme of a couple of the articles is that teaching will be hard work.  I thought that this article summed up what I’ve read about improving teaching.

Students need motivation from teachers.   Teachers need motivation and fresh ideas to meet the increasing demands being placed on them.  I will use Twitter to get a lot of information that I can quickly sort through to find out what I need at the moment.  Right now, I’m struggling with student engagement in my classes.  There are anywhere from 5-10 students who just aren’t engaged in chemistry right now (per class).  As I think about those students, I realize that the 1-5 listed above is something that I need work on this week.

Twitter is great because of it’s ease and it’s free.  Using the educational journal database provided through colleges is great, but it takes valuable time.   I need to find the time to connect with some similar minded educators to broaden my horizon, twitter is great for that.

My question is….. if I use twitter to communicate with my students will I actually reach the unengaged, or will it used by the ones who don’t really need it.  Will my socioeconomically disadvantaged students find a way to “plug in”?


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